On the River


Enjoy boating, bird watching, fishing, photography. You may see deer, wild horses, otters, fish, turtles and all kinds of wildlife!


Wildlife is everywhere, from the soaring osprey and the majestic blue heron to otters playing in the shallows and graceful deer pausing to drink the cool waters . . . Steelhead trout, Chinook Salmon….


Sport fishing is popular on the Klamath River, with salmon and steelhead trout being the most popular. The Klamath is one of the most productive steelhead rivers on the West Coast of the USA.


Beginning in late summer, great migrations of King Salmon (Chinook) make their way up the Klamath River back to their place of origin to lay their own eggs to complete the circle of life. Steelhead trout move upriver in the Fall, just after Salmon, to spawn. In the Spring they make their way back down river to the Pacific.


We provide shuttle service to All location to I5.